GruppeM Volkswagen Golf 7 2.0 GTI R Intake System
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GruppeM Volkswagen Golf 7 2.0 GTI R Intake System
GruppeM Volkswagen Golf 7 2.0 GTI R Intake System

Model #: FRI-0209

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The GruppeM RAM air filter intake system for the GruppeM Volkswagen Golf 7 2.0 GTI R Intake System is made from high quality carbon fiber material specially designed for the GruppeM Volkswagen Golf 7 2.0 GTI R Intake System to increase its engine breathing and performance.

The large capacity GruppeM air filter case was designed to make use of engine room capacity to the maximum.

The carbon filter case inhales running wind from the front directly, while intercepting heat in the engine room. As a result of repeating the chassis dynamo test and the actual running test, the performance is improved in the whole area including the torque-up of the low speed range, the sharp rise of boost, the response up at high rotation speed region, etc.

In particular, you can experience the performance-up at around 3,500 rpm, and at around 5,000 rpm from 4,500 rpm. All of it is made of real carbon of domestic production. You will be satisfied with the feeling of presence in the engine room and also powerful air intake sound when you open the bonnet.

Genuine GruppeM RAM AIR SYSTEM is mounted with an individual serial number plate on each carbon intake, and management of each of these goods are by this unique serial number.

  • The limited model which pursued total performance.
  • It is exclusive design classified by type of each car with carbon intake duct.
  • K&N four layers wet cotton filter adoption.
  • The maintenance can make long life works.

The Gruppe M Volkswagen Golf 7 2.0 GTI R intake kit fitting adapter is designed to fit as a bolt-on design. Beautifully installed to fit flawlessly and neatly as an original component, the carbon fibre duct exudes an overwhelming presence.

Whats Included

The kit includes all that's needed to install the Gruppe M RAM AIR SYSTEM into your Volkswagen Golf 7 2.0 GTI R, such as adapters, bolts and hoses. Each of the components are of the highest standard in order to deliver supreme performance.

* Installation is basically a bolt-on installation. According to the model, detaching the bumper may be required.


The K&N filter can be regenerated to as new condition with washing to give a wonderfully long life. The filter can be disassembled and washed to remove ingrained dirt without damaging the cotton. After washing and drying, by the application of filter oil, the filter is restored, showing 100% capability again



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Car Specification

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    Volkswagen 7
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    Golf 7 GTI R
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